Am I really Alive?


I created “Am I really alive?” as an artistic experiment of getting together with friends from different nationalities and backgrounds to meditate about peace and the horrors of war.

Am I really alive?” has two sides: “I love to see you smiling” and “A bullet changed my life”.  The first one is a message of love, an account of magical beautiful things that come from apparent differences; it is a message of hope and gratitude.   The second one is the story of innocent people caught up in the middle of war; it intends to raise awareness to keep in our mind and prayers the victims and their families.

The greatest thing we can do for peace today is to encourage peace awareness developed by small achievements in ourselves and in the circles where we interact.

Daniel Cruz

Daniel Cruz thanks to:

Lila Forero, Ricky Vieira, Rainbow Stein, Toufic Elramy, Jecko Guenev, Rahmanjean Duval, Roel P. Verseveldt, Ralph King, Sahar Hoornahad, Yasmine Zihnioglu, Satı Çekiç, Nelly Sotiriou, Nandia, Marie Oszegi, Leila Rahmadani, Ferry Mardihardjo.D, Paola Troili, Ana Valerio, Fumiko Kojima, Vibeke Fjellberg, Leilani van Rheenen, Alina Frank, Eva Kovacicova, Samuel Gajicki, Zeynep Selek, Maria Carolina Cruz, Sema Çekiç, Clement Dikoko, Jules Gomisce Ngoma and Papá Dios.